Listing and review solutions

Do you wonder about how users are seeing your information when they search for you?

With so much of search being driven by location-based information, it's now more important than ever to know your information is correct. Now you can take control of how customers view you online.

With almost half of the businesses in the US having at least one incorrect or missing address across all the major online directories, Bravo IT Consulting has a plan to help control the way your critical business information is displayed online across 60+ leading maps, apps, search engines and social networks.

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If you are interested or have questions about how these packages may fit into your business, please contact Bravo IT Consulting.

per month
per month
per month
Listing Management
Listing suggestions
Analytics Dashboard and Custom Reporting
Review monitoring Dashboard
Social posting tool with up to one postings per week *
Duplicate listing suppression
Review response tool
Review generation
Review publishing on your website
Competitive Intelligence reporting
Note: Six month minimum commitment. Pricing is per location. Additional fee applies for food services or restaurants and healthcare providers, as there are additional offerings, such as menus or other targeting. All packages come with end to end support by Bravo IT Consulting.
* Social postings are subject to agreed upon calendar of items.

Other items

These services are offered on an 'as needed' basis:

  • Website review - A review of your current websites to at no cost.
  • Social postings
  • Blog posts