What clients are saying...

Frank is always quick to respond and solve any issues we may be having!

  • Bonnie Silverman
  • Arbor Bay School, San Carlos, CA

Any IT problems I have had he has resolved within minutes. Very knowledgable.

  • Kelly Ringer-Radetich
  • Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty, San Carlos, CA

Bob and I highly recommend Frank Bravo. He maintains our Mac computers for our work and he is the nicest guy!

  • Bob & Kat B.
  • San Carlos, CA

Working with Frank is a joy. He's never let me down. I'd recommend him to anyone - you'd be lucky to work with him.

  • Ellie Dailey
  • Intro30.com

Frank Bravo Is The Very Best! Easy To Speak With, Helpful And Informative, Confident! All You Could Hope For And So Much More!

  • Bobby Feiner
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank has been most helpful in setting up my web sites and email. He answers my questions promptly and trouble shoots when needed.

  • Dee Eva
  • Redwood City, CA

Mr. Bravo is terrific. Came over right on time & diagnosed my problem, so I could explain it to AT&T & get it fixed. I recommend him highly.

  • Patricia R.
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank was helpful & patient in showing me how to utilize my new laptop and old desktop computers in better ways. He is also a nice person to work with.

  • Anna Klay
  • Palo Alto, CA

Frank is professional, patient and has extensive experience in many areas of IT so he could solve lots of nagging smaller issues that I had saved up to ask an expert.

  • Kristin H.
  • Emerald Hills, CA

Frank performed well while providing service to our company. He was very good communicating to us as well as providing us with great service. I would highly recommend him.

  • Rick Lemos
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank is responsive, well organized, follows through on commitments and works well with us as a team. We've made good social media/online marketing progress with his help. (via LinkedIn)

  • Peter Hartzell
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank has supported our IT requirements with timely, quality and cost effective services. He is a great asset to our team and I highly recommend him to anyone requiring this type of support. (via LinkedIn)

  • Bobby Watson
  • Reno, Nevada Area

I'm very thankful to have worked with Bravo ITC in the past. Frank has been a forthright and transparent communicator and he has shown himself to be very much oriented to customer satisfaction. 5 stars all day.

  • Zach Taylor
  • Forward Solar Roofing

Frank is "top shelf". He really listens to what you want to accomplish and gets a deep understanding of your business. Frank is always on time and promotes the highest integrity. You can't go wrong with this hire.

  • Mike Ramey
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank is very knowledgeable in his field of work. Explains the details of what he has done and explains it in layman's terms so that you really understand. I would recommend him to anyone looking for IT work or support.

  • Paul Sanfilipo
  • Mortgage Financing Consultants, Redwood City, CA

Frank has worked on projects for me both large and small, all with the same great results! Reliably creative, he's brought a new twist to everything I've needed. I'd recommend Frank Bravo every day of the week! (via LinkedIn)

  • Patt Lipp-Strayer
  • Kansas City

I have worked with Frank on numerous projects--always with stellar results. Whether it was building applications from scratch, or integrating existing software, Frank has been able to deliver in a timely and professional manner.

  • Bill Murray
  • Publisher, Half Moon Bay Review

Frank is extremey helpful & responsive to our technology needs. We've had numerous instances where we've needed immediate assistance & he's been there. More importantly, he's more than competent & gets work done in a timely manner.

  • Ankesh and Abha Kumar
  • Redwood City, CA

Frank did a great job of helping us when we were having problems with our home WiFi network. He got it working, and solved the problem we were having with a room that was a dead zone. He was also helpful with follow-up questions by email.

  • Mary S.
  • Palo Alto, CA

Frank is very friendly to work with, easily understands what we have conveyed to him and offers a quick turn around. His rates are reasonable and he is willing to work with smaller budgets. Need a Web Developer?...this is the guy to contact!

  • Wendy Quaccia
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank did an awesome job updating my ten year old business website in a timely and attractive way. He also has since responded quickly to update requests and I'm impressed with the website weekly analytics helping me track traffic to my site.

  • Kimeron Hardin, Ph.D., ABPP, FACHP
  • San Carlos, CA

Technical expertise is a given. Simplifying the complicated and communicating effectively are his strong suits. Heading off problems before they are sets him on a different level of customer service. Call him today, you'll be thankful you did.

  • Bob Bedbury
  • Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty, San Carlos, CA

Frank is amazing to work with! He built my website from scratch. He is really smart and can do anything that you need on your website. He is easy to work with and extremely responsive and time efficient. He has been the best! I can?t say enough.

  • Carli Sapir
  • Female Founded Club

Frank built for me a website that is graphically pleasing and powerful enough to handle lots of content. It's interface and capabilities surpass my competition's sites. This happened because of his knowledge and expertise in the news and web worlds.

  • Tim Goode
  • Menlo Park, CA

Frank has been helping me with my Apple computer and other technology needs for several years now. He is knowledgable, capable and very patient. I highly recommend Frank. Go on his website to see all the terrific ways he is able to support people with technology.

  • Sally Mellinger
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank Bravo delivered excellent service by not only resolving all my computer issues, but also providing detailed explanations on a level that I could comprehend. I had a very positive experience and would not hesitate to call him again I highly recommend his services.

  • Dianne L.
  • Belmont, CA

Frank believes anything is possible and usually is right. He's careful however not to over-promise or under-deliver.
He gets the job done within established time-constraints and with very limited resources. He's smart about scoping out projects and a very bright guy.

  • Mike Naar
  • CFO, Embarcadero Media

Frank has set up my website and email accounts in a very innovative manner. My email was a mess, it is now the best. He is very good to work with, listens to your needs and adds his own suggestions. He is also quite reasonable in his billings. I highly recommend his services.

  • Robert Sands
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank is the ideal individual to handle issues large and small for the computer naive, the computer literate and the computer geek. His approach is pragmatic and tailored to needs and capabilities of his clients. I'm more than delighted that I found someone upon whom I can rely!

  • Margaret Warren
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank has worked with us for many years, and has always been a valuable resource. He is extremely easy to work with, is helpful with his suggestions and provides immediate service at a reasonable price. He is dedicated and thoughtful in his approach and I will gladly continue working together.

  • Matt Gomez
  • Allwood Construction, San Carlos, CA

We can highly recommend Frank Bravo. He has been helping our whole family with various IT needs: internet issues, website designs, connectivity, interface problems, newsletters, etc. Frank is responsive, knowledgeable, patient; very professional and calm in demeanor. He is definitely our "go to" IT person.

  • Sandra Wong
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank Bravo is a true professional at what he does. In all areas of my work at the Palo Alto Weekly, Frank has been able to create new strategies and programs to do things more effectively and efficiently. His IT team work well under his supervision and are a very cohesive, efficient and professional group.

  • Amy Renalds
  • Palo Alto, CA

Frank has lent his significant expertise in the publishing business to the Sequoia High School community. He volunteers his time and know how to help get the monthly newsletter online and out in print. His expert, on time delivery of the finished product makes working with him a great pleasure. (via LinkedIn)

  • Susanne Baumhueter
  • Redwood City, CA

Frank has been a real asset for all our computer upgrades and general help over several years.. I recommend Frank to others and I always follow up with them and without exception they think he is magic! I have called Frank with a problem and he can give me a fix over the phone... Great asset. (via Google Local)

  • Pete and Bev Nuding
  • San Carlos, CA

We were very pleased at the Half Moon Bay Review to work with Frank. He delivered exactly what we wanted in terms of a forum for our Web page and most important to us, he was constantly there for us -- never more than a phone call away -- throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Frank and his team

  • Clay Lambert
  • Editor, Half Moon Bay Review

Frank is a difference maker. He has exceeded our expectations in the design and construction of our web site. Frank has proven to be a very reliable and knowledgeable IT consultant as well. All this at a very reasonable price! I highly recommend his services to anybody that would like to grow their business. (via LinkedIn)

  • Ludwig Saenz
  • Spokane, WA

Frank Bravo is my 'go to' person for technology. Last week, my laptop completely froze and unfortunately, I fell prey to a scammer. I called Frank, he answered and told me to immediately disconnect from wifi. He then came to my office and made sure there was no damage to my data and my laptop. Huge relief. Frank is the best!!

  • Sarah Abramson Ravella
  • Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty, San Carlos, CA

Frank Bravo helped us to move our computers from one home to another; then further helped in buying and installing new computers. He has always been available when we had a problem and has been dependable and prompt. His fees have been more than reasonable. We plan to continue to use Frank's services into the future. (via Google Local)

  • Mike Maddalena
  • Santa Rosa, CA

I have been connected with Frank in my capacity as an officer of San Carlans Using Macintosh, a Mac User Group. Frank is known to us as regular instructor on Mac subjects and as a consultant for helping those with who have system problems. I feel comfortable in recommending him to those who need instruction or help with their home or office Macs.

  • Dan Bellack
  • San Carlos, CA

I have hired Frank Bravo multiple times for design and graphics work that required technical expertise and design skills. Frank has both. He also listens well and knows how to incorporate client input he receives, suggest creative ideas and strike the right balance there. Very few people can do that well, and Franks's great at it. It's why I keep hiring him.

  • Andrew Neff
  • Belmont, CA

Frank has designed and now maintains two fabulous websites for me: peninsulayoungwriters.org and peninsulacollegeadvising.com. He's always very responsive to any problems or issues that come up with my IT services or products.

  • Beth Harrison, Ph.D.
  • San Carlos, CA

I've worked with Frank in one group on a number of projects and always admired the speed and quality of work produced by him. He is knowledgeable and experienced. He is big on creative solutions, improvements and optimization. He never stops at the achieved. Frank challenges himself by undertaking new projects. He is very resourceful initiative. I really enjoy working with.

  • Iryna Buynytska
  • Former Business Manager, Embarcadero Publishing Co.

Frank's work is exceptional in all ways: he is thorough, responsive and has consistently proven to be expert in any project he has taken on for my company. His work has ranged from the design and maintenance of my company website to advising on and troubleshooting all aspects of our IT needs. He is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on for quick and excellent results. (via LinkedIn)

  • Todd Wilkof
  • Oakland, CA

Frank has been my "go to" person for my computer questions for the last few years. I am definitely not a tekkie, so I depend on Frank to provide his expertise in this area. He can often troubleshoot a problem or provide direction via a simple email or a phone call within a short time after explaining my situation. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone needing computer support. (via LinkedIn)

  • David Petrovay
  • Redwood City, CA

I've know Frank for decades and have used him to build one of the best websites that I've ever had! Very interactive and pleasing to the eye! I only wish that I would have had him from day one! He sets up all of our computers and lends great advice when purchasing new equipment. He is genuinely a good guy and provides wonderful customer service! My wife and I wholehearted recommend his services!

  • Jeffrey K. Filippi, DC, DABCO
  • Sequoia Chiropractic Clinic, Redwood City, CA

The patience Frank has shown me over the years is being passed on to my senior "iPad Art" students - most have never used an iPad -a challenge for me as their teacher. Many times I think ?how would Frank say that?? I'm so grateful to him for providing that important shift in attitude. I've hired Frank for businesses and charities. He really knows his stuff and is terrific with everyone. (via LinkedIn)

  • Susie Stockholm
  • Laguna Hills, CA

Working with Frank was a pleasure, he created a back-end client management system for one of our large customers and it works great. We simply provided Frank with all of the details that we required for the development and he had it completed on time and within budget. We look forward to working again with Frank again in the very near future on a few more projects that we need completed. (via LinkedIn)

  • Patrick Babaian
  • Glendale, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Frank on my husband's website - Sequoia Chiropractic Clinic. Frank not only listened to what we needed - he offered ideas and resources to help us know what we needed and wanted! He is organized, reliable, creative, fun to work with and delivers in a timely manner. When we saw the final product we were thrilled and very proud and happy to have been part of the process!

  • Beth Ann Filippi
  • Redwood City, CA

I had the opportunity to work with Frank on a new non-profit web project. Frank was and is a master at his profession. From the project conception to completion, Frank was able to visualize my passion for the project. His level of service, initiative and true love for what he does, really comes through in his work. I wholeheartedly recommend Frank, for all web-development and related projects! (via LinkedIn)

  • Kelly Coughlin
  • Little Rock, Arkansas Area

Frank helped me completely and beautifully redo my website after it tragically crashed. He ensured that it work seamlessly across desktop, phone, and tablet platforms and has provided tools I need to monitor and assess my business' web exposure. Frank is very talented, resourceful, responsive, and professional and I highly recommend him. (via LinkedIn)

  • Peigi Duvall
  • Indig Design, Carmel, CA

I have used Bravo IT Consulting services twice. Both times I was very please with the results and the service I got. The first time Frank did a series of brochures for my company and most recently he built me a home network connecting 22 (yeah that's right 22) devices to my wireless network. He also put in parental controls as well as centralized all my data for all 5 of us. I would highly recommend him to any one. (via Yelp)

  • Reza Kazemi
  • San Carlos, CA

As a retired physician who finds the challenges of the computer world rather daunting, my wife and I have found the answers to our problems in the person of Frank Bravo. He has saved us on two occasions, making house calls and working out a connection difficulty with Airport Express, and then solving a major HP Printer dysfunction. His availability, communication skills, and general personality have been greatly appreciated. And the price is right!

  • Al and Jean Chamberlain
  • Burlingame, CA

Frank is my hero! He has helped me many times by either coming to the house or using TeamViewer. I love all the things my computer can do but when it isn't working well I am at a total loss. Frank has a very calm, easy attitude and I really appreciate that. He set up my newest computer and printer, and explained all the changes with a short and simple explanation.
I highly recommend Frank Bravo and hope you will appreciate him as much as I do.

  • Lynda Lumish
  • Palo Alto, CA

Frank Bravo, of Bravo IT Consulting, is truly amazing! Frank put his high level of knowledge and technical background to work in my home office and the transition was a super smooth process from beginning to end. His organizational skills, interactive teaching and clear communication made it easy and fun to learn more too. Frank has a relaxed and easy going nature and at the same time is completely dependable and a true professional. I?ll happily rely on his expertise for all my future technical needs!

  • Pat Kanewske
  • San Carlos, CA

I reached out to Bravo IT last week and set up an appointment for today. I have all Apple in my office and admittedly a lack of computing prowess. I wrote out a list of everything that I wanted to do with calendars, organization, project share listings, cleaning up emails across several accounts. Frank came in, and over the course of a couple of hours, moved forward all of my requests. He is an excellent communicator, knew just what we needed, and made sure we understood it before he left. Highly recommended.

  • Fred B.
  • Redwood City, CA

Frank is brilliant in understanding the scope of projects and acting to accomplish goals therein. He has a keen eye for details, forecasting progress and adjusting to meet the status quo. His dedication to excellence and on-time quality delivery is evident in every project that he has undertaken. I respect his talent and expect that he will only continue to grow professionally in his field of technology. Frank is extremely competent. I have also been happy to know him as a supportive colleague of mine for some years.

  • Linda Franks
  • Palo Alto, CA

Frank Bravo provided volunteer time to construct a dynamic web-based sign up sheet for the 320+ volunteer slots in the San Carlos Little League Baseball Tournament that I oversee. He also constructed an outstanding algorithm that pulls the results of the tournament games, and immediately ranks teams based on the criteria we provided. Many of the managers and parents of the teams involved in the tournamnet have complimented us for the elegant yet user friendly design that provides real time information in regards to standings and seedings for the playoffs.

  • Paul Sharek
  • San Carlos, CA

Frank is most knowledgeable about his work and is a true professional when it comes to his job. There hasn't been a problem that Frank hasn't been able to fix. He also was in charge of setting up our new sports web site, which is a model for local sports web sites in Northern California, if not the state. Keeping our company's six papers up and running each day is an enormous task, and Frank does this on a daily basis, 24-7, and makes our jobs of getting the news out to the readers that much easier. In addition to that, his IT department is constantly updating and creating, helping us move forward in this ever-changing business.

  • Keith Peters
  • Sports Editor, Palo Alto Weekly

I was delighted to find Frank via Nextdoor.com. We discovered our kids knew each other, and were able to set up a meeting for him to help me with my web site within the week. I felt really comfortable with him right from the start. I was looking for support in DIY web site design, and he brought so much more to the table. I really appreciated his hands-on approach and he is an excellent teacher. He is patient and the solutions he comes up with are flexible, reasonable and efficient. Not only was he helpful in the moment, but now I have his as a resource for future needs. Please contact me if you want a personal referral to Frank Bravo.

  • Patty McLucas
  • Breathing Room Studio, Redwood City, CA

Frank is by far the easiest person I have worked with when it comes to web development.
He built a fantastic website for me from the ground up, creating a customized back-end that allows me to easily update my site with information and images. He delivered everything I had wanted out of a gallery website and even added features I didn't even know I needed!
The end result is a slick and easy to use website design on both desktops and mobile devices. Frank is extremely quick at delivering results, very detail oriented, and a spectacular communicator to those not so savvy. I will continue to use Bravo IT Consulting as my web development guru!

  • Pelham Houchin III
  • San Mateo, CA

Could not be happier! Frank from Bravo IT Consulting consulted with us on migrating our legacy email system to G Suite, team password mgmt solutions and improved our internal server backup system. Almost our entire IT suite of solutions just got updated / remodeled and now we are living in a nice shiny new house. As a small business owner with 30 employees, IT changes like this can take a lot of time to choose/migrate/train and working with Bravo we got through all of this work quickly and efficiently. It had been too daunting of a task for us to tackle alone and Frank made it a smooth journey as well as giving us the confidence of having an expert help us choose best-in-class solutions.

  • Tricia Salcido
  • C.Elf.O., Softstar Shoes, Philomath, OR

Frank is someone I refer to as my Computer Guru. He has been there for over 20 years to solve all my problems and answer all my questions with any Apple related product. What I especially like about Frank is that he explains things very simply and clearly. When he's was able to come to my home before COVID, he would have me actually do all the key punching and mouse moving, so that I learn more doing it myself. During the Pandemic, he can do everything remotely while we talk on the phone, which gets the job done and I still learn. He is so honest that I feel he often undercharges and I often want to pay him more than he bills. I consider him a "jewel" and feel very blessed to have him in my life

  • Glenn Cohn
  • San Carlos, CA

I worked closely with Frank Bravo for more than 15 years, mostly while I was director of Palo Alto Online for nearly a decade and prior to that as a fellow Online Team member at Embarcadero Publishing Company. As our webmaster, Frank was a forward-thinking team member of Palo Alto Online on every level. In addition to strong technical skills, Frank added an astute sense of our marketplace and ability to get things done with attention to the high-level architecture down to the minute details--an unusual and valuable combination. He repeatedly demonstrated a strong commitment to our overall enterprise and responsiveness to our users that made Palo Alto Online not only the first website to grow out of a U.S. newspaper but one of the most successful in every sense: awards, traffic and profitability.

  • Lisa Van Dusen
  • Palo Alto, CA

I recently used Frank Bravo of Bravo IT Consulting to migrate from my older Apple Mac Mini to a new one (1 TB capacity to 2 TB) after seeing several positive recommendations for his services on ND. Working with Frank made this transition smoother than any I've had in the past. (I had used another firm previously, but was very unhappy both with what I was charged and with the quality of their work.) Frank was able to answer and address every question or concern I had efficiently, while at the same time assuring that I understood the details (I'm detail-oriented), including solving my initial issues with MS Office 360. He started by spending a few minutes ascertaining my knowledge base and then discussing the best way to proceed. He has a wonderful sense of humor along with incredible IT skills. I know I have found my go-to person for all computer and technology related issues. If you're in need of any kind of computer or technology assistance, I highly recommend Frank Bravo!

  • Margaret W.
  • San Carlos, CA

I had the opportunity of working with Frank from 1993 until 2005 at Embarcadero Publishing Company, during which our company grew from one publication to six along with a fast-growing company-wide online presence. In his position, I had many opportunities for interaction with him and what I can tell you about Frank is that he's a very creative and resourceful IT professional. Having worked for a small company, our resources (especially financial ones) were usually limited, yet whenever we needed some new programming or application, Frank was able to very effectively utilize such resources to the maximum and help develop effective solutions. The part that I truly admired about Frank was his ability to look beyond the immediate uses of any applications that we needed to be developed from scratch. He would encourage me and others to think about other uses and when we couldn't or didn't think of such uses, he would often provide us with ideas we may not have thought of. Considering the limited resources, he has developed a ton of online applications and IT infrastructure for our company and as the company grew in size, he was able to plan and execute for its growth in a smooth and calculated manner. He has a unique ability of deep understanding of problems and developing solutions most appropriate toward solving them. Frank has also self taught himself many of the current applications he works with, a credit to his dedication in being a successful webmaster and IT manager. He has a terrific sense and ability for prioritizing the growing number of tasks related to his responsibilities and is a terrific teacher.

  • Franklin Elieh
  • Former VP of Sales & Marketing, Embarcadero Publishing Co.

I began my association with Frank Bravo in the fall of 2002. That summer, I had come to the conclusion that in order for my high school alumni association to have any chance of surviving in the 21st Century, it needed to leave memeographed newsletters behind and in turn to embrace the Internet. To accomplish that goal, we needed an interactive, intuitive and innovative website, We needed it almost immediately and we needed a first class design. And given the nature of the undertaking, it's not hard to imagine the challenge we presented to Frank: "Please, oh please design and build a kick ass website for us and try and overlook the budget limitations and please do it in about 3 weeks. We had no design, no real feel for what the website should actually contain and our first year budget was at best lacking. By the time our formal presentation to the board was due to secure funding, Frank was ready with something special and that was echoed by board and the 20-0 approval vote that came forth. I found a link to Frank's company after seeing the website Frank had created for his old high school while surfing the net one late night. Frank called the next day in response to my email and in less than a week, Frank accepted our challenge and our deadline. To say that Frank Bravo delivered on both with a brilliant creative design and a careful attention to every detail and concern. He also came in under budget, and was such a joy to work with, we had to find a way to continue the Frank Bravo connection. Today, we are still enjoying the experience of working with Frank Bravo. As both our Webmaster and our website portal host, Frank consistantly delivers the goods and provides wonderful service and creative advice. It's almost as if HE were an alumnus of our high school the way he takes such care with every single request. A pleasure to speak with, confide in and count on, that just begins to describe Frank Bravo from my perspective.

  • Bill Baldwin, Jr.
  • Hollywood, CA

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