What's offered

There are many variations of services offered by IT professionals. Bravo IT Consulting strives to provide simple solutions to complex problems and issues. With a background in technology and teaching, there is a personalized solution for you.

Whether you want to learn how to make your iPhone talk to your iPad or syncronize your photos with your computer or create a digital booklet, the solution is only a click or a call away. The services listed below are a sampling of what is offered, either on a small, personal scale, in a large corporate environment or anywhere in between.



Bravo IT Consulting gives you direct access to phenomenal support and individualized attention.

Manage Communications

Wouldn't it be nice to have your email, address book, to-do list and calendar synced wherever you are?

Manage Tasks

Learn about online shopping, finance, banking and bill pay, all common tasks done online.

Everyday issues

Backups, virus protection and security are important to stay on top of to keep you safe online.

Manage storage and your digital life

Organize your photos, music and digital files in a way you know is backed up and secure.

Efficient use of your technology

Streamline your use of devices with time-tested tips and tricks.

Communication between devices

Let your phone talk to your tablet or iPad and let them both talk to your computer.

Secure your Family

Configure parental controls on your devices and networks to keep everyone safe.

Manage social networks

Overwhelmed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest? Can make it all clear for you.

Whole House Networking

Connect your devices where you need them, either via wireless or wired solutions.


Bravo IT Consulting uses industry standard web creation and service technologies.

Custom Development

Professional personal development to your specifications so your project is just as it's imagined.

Industry standards

Use PHP, MySQL, professional templates or custom sites, your project will come to life.

Email services

Professional email, online storage and shared calendars on your own domain.

Unlimited support

If you already have a site, changes can be made so you don't have to.

Domain Name management

Domains held in 'trust' to assure they do not expire and are lost.

Hosting Solutions

Shared or dedicated, cloud or physical machine hosting on our Tier-1 platform.

Bravo IT Consulting also offers various other listing and review solutions.


Creating printed documents are still an important part of life. Bravo IT Consulting show you how to or create these documents.

Digital imaging

Take your images and create great printed products from booklets to cards to individual prints.


Reach your customers or users with full-color, full-service document creation.

Long-form documents

Have you written a book? Get help with self-publishing options or get it ready for the print house.


Pricing is simple and upfront. There are no hidden fees or surprises when you get your bill. A la carte and 'subscription-based' pricing. While it is true others make clients buy a subscription to get support, that is never the case with Bravo IT Consulting.

Basic services

Enjoy personalized support at a set and reasonable cost.

  • Personalized communications
  • On-site and remote sessions
  • Custom Web development
  • Personalized training and support

Support contract

Some clients want to know ongoing costs upfront, which is offered through these contracts.

  • Always, all of the basic services
  • Guaranteed time
  • Discounted services
  • Starts with a minimal commitment per month

Non-profit pricing

Helping companies doing good for the community save on costs for services.

  • Always, all of the basic services
  • Supporting the non-profit community
  • Discounted services
  • No commitment needed

I always tell clients anything is possible.
It just takes an idea and know-how.


Contact Frank to help you bring your idea or project to life. There is never a charge to talk about your initial ideas or thoughts. Always happy to explore ideas and options.


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