A new venture gets better

I've written a few times about Sopebox.com and our SopeCal product which allows newspapers and publishers to have a calendar system that works for both their online and print ('dead tree') editions. I'm happy to say that things are continuing to move forward with it. We have about a half dozen newspapers looking at it, including a rather large chain of weekly papers. We are hoping that soon they will sign on and even more will find it.

We have built a new product we are very proud of and think it will be even better than SopeCal. There is a lot of talk about enabling the public to be journalists and posting news on sites. Podium allows for citizen journalism at it's best. It allows for the public to post stories and make comments while giving the 'real' publisher control of what appears on the main pages of their sites. Of course, it has blogs and those sort of features. If you are interested, you can see it at Sopebox.com. The Half Moon Bay Review will be launching with it in the next few days.


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