Here and there...

I just got finished putting together our 2006 household budget. It was harder than I thought. Things like gas prices and PG&E charges are so up in the air that it is hard to decide how much to put aside for it! Hopefully some stability will return to the economy in 2006 and things will level off (or go down!).

Most of our holiday gifts are purchased at this point except for a few more things for the boys. Got to get that done soon...

AYSO soccer is over and Little League baseball is right around the corner. My older son will play kid-pitch for the first time while my younger will have to try out for coach pitch because of a birthday date rule change this year. It is too bad that he will have to try out, but I have been assured that he should make it. Plus, since I am going to coach, that will be a helping factor... they need the coaches!

Fogster continues to grow and we have started on the next version. It will still be several months until we hear about the Patent information, which is hard to wait.

We are just a few weeks away from the Illinois Times to go live with their new calendar (SopeCal - Submit once, publish everywhere). We are pretty excited about it and have at least a few other papers interested in it.


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