Looking for the hockey rink

I realized on my first walk all over Toronto, I missed where the Toronto Maple Leafs play, so after the sessions today, I headed back out in search of it. Ends up it was a block from where I was several times yesterday!

I got there via the PATH, which is this maze of tunnels under the city. It's like a city in a city. Around every turn, there are new shops or places to eat. I had made a text file of the directions before leaving the hotel, so I knew more or less where I was going. I am proud to say the Yahoo!Map directions were not all that good and I was only lost for about five minutes!

Anyway, I took a look (not much to see, but saw signs that Rush will be here Sunday) and headed off looking for dinner. I had looked and saw a salad shop, which looked a little like Fresh Choice, not far away. It was in the 400 block of a street where I was at the 100 block. Seemed close enough. It wasn't all that close!

So after over a 3 mile walk, salad in hand, I'm ready to eat and then off to bed.

To the hockey rink and then looking for food on 07/16/2010


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