Lord Stanley and his cup

I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I appreciate the sport and the people who play it. I don't ice skate well, especially skate backwards!

When we first walked in, we were allowed to take a photo with the Stanley Cup! Pretty amazing given we were able to touch it no less. Would they allow you to take a photo with and tough the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton? The answer is no (I've been there). I think they realize how much the cup means to hockey fans and to make it available to the fans is amazing.

I made an appearance at the bar (which was the draw for most of my colleagues) and then I escaped to the exhibits. It was amazing! They had a special tour of all of the Olympic medals from all of the years on display. Ironically enough, they didn't have a sample of the 2010 medals, but did have a huge display to both of the hockey teams who beat the US in the finals.

I spent some time talking to Patrick, an employee at the Hall. He asked about my job and where I was from. I asked about his and how it was working at the Hall. Spent quite a bit of time, but worth it. I thanked him and was back off to the hotel.


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