My new car

Back in February 2007, I wrote a post "Maybe I?m obsessed, but I don?t think so?" where I talked about the Toyota Prius and how many were out on the road. Well, now there's one more.

On Saturday, I joined the Prius craze by purchasing my very own. Granted it has taken several days for me to get it, but tonight, parked in my garage, is a brand new 2010 Barcelona Red Prius.

This will be my fourth car, but the first one I've ever purchased new.

I finally did figure out why there were so many on the road -- the question I had asked myself two and a half years ago -- at least for me.

For me, it came down to value for the price.

I came to the realization whatever car I was going to buy needed to be fuel efficient, not just get "good" gas mileage. The car I am replacing (a 1994 BMW 318i, which I sold to a high school kid from the neighborhood) gets great gas mileage. I've averaged 24.5 miles per gallon since I purchased it in August 2002 (it didn't qualify for the "Cash for Clunkers" program because the MPG was too high). The Prius more than meets that requirement.

The price, at least for the entry level models, are not that bad. Starting at a MSRP of $22,750, it's not bad.

The newly redesigned look doesn't hurt either. Personally, I think it's more sporty than the previous model and it drives great.

So, we'll see what kind of mileage I actually get (I'll report back here down the line), but until then you can see me in my new car.


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