Ordinary wall or a doggie portal

Ever wonder what your dog (or pet) is up to when you're not at home? Our family has. A lot, actually.

We have a cockapoo, Gracie, who is just over three years old. Gracie seems to sleep a lot while we are home. Sure, she plays and gets up to see what's going on in the house, but mostly, she sleeps. We wonder if it's because of the wild parties she goes to overnight and while we are not home.

Wild parties?!?!? Yes, wild parties. The boys are convinced (and the wife and I are not far behind) that the wall in our kitchen is more than an normal wall -- it's actually a portal for dogs to go through to get to other dog houses or even a different dimension where dogs party all the time.

Check this out... during dinner she sometimes stares at the wall, at us eating and then back at the wall. We have concluded that she's saying in her head, 'if those humans were not around, I can blow this joint and get with my friends'.

Another suspicious thing is sometimes we'll get home and the pillows are tossed from the couch and her toys are everywhere. We're thinking that she's was the host and it was the typical, 'oh shoot, the garage door is opening -- mom and dad are home, everyone out!' It would explain the weird markings on the wall as the dogs stumble through the portal.

We wonder if it's a dog-only thing or if cats and other animals are invited as well.

It's something to think about...


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