Our trip to Macworld 2007

I took my department to Macworld yesterday in San Francisco. I remember the days when Macworld could fill up both sides of the Moscone Center. This year we were able to get through it in about two and a half hours.
I think that the reality is that there is little that is left for these types of shows anymore. That, plus most companies have tiny little booths with just one or two people in it, makes for a quick day.
Yes, I saw the iPhone (soon to be renamed Apple Phone, I am sure) and the AppleTV box (which was a lot smaller than I thought). Sat through a demo of some Apple software, but it was really nothing I hadn't seen before. Saw a demo of Parallels, the program that allows you to run Windows Apps on your Intel-based Macintosh -- that was cool. Even got a 128MB flash drive from them.
It would have been nice to see the MacPro again at the show since that's the machine I think I'm going to get, but alas, there were none to be seen.
That's the other thing that I noticed and have noticed more over the years, the free stuff is a lot less. Got a set of Google socks (they don't stick, or so they say) for the boys, a yo-yo from Multi-Ad Services (for all the years they yo-yo'd me around!) and a couple of other cool things, but the bag was pretty empty still at the end of the day.
Still, it was a good day to be with other Macintosh users and to see what Apple, Inc. has in store for us in the future.


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